I would like to thank every one of you who is visiting this page. I am greatful and blessed by your actions. I look forward towards answering all your questions concerning learning HTML by the blinds in Uganda. it is a perfect opportunity that, we all have to get up and fight for our rights to use ICT without any discrimination. We must all have the opportunity to use internet and all the technology related services without the over rail of disability because, all deserve to use the resources available. It is therefore, our right to demand the government and the responsible bodies for this particular service to ensure that we all have it. Thanks therefore to the teachers spearheading this innitiative. we are glad to be the pioneers of this project. It is a great blessing for us and also, we hope to make others also learn.

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email; lakomegum@gmail.com

Tel; +256776002448

Facebook; Denis

Hello world, thanks a lot for openning this website. it is mine and please, continue visiting it for more information about my fight for the access for ICT by the Blinds and the visually impaired. I appreciate you for having your time to visit me. Please if you need me, my contacts are up there.